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17 September 2007 @ 03:43 pm
The Sisters Of Sadism Network Established Today...  
Today the concept for this website was born. The goal of this website is to unite Dominant Women world-wide. From the Dominant Wife/Girlfriend that secretly runs her home with a velvet glove to some of the most well known and respected sadistic Lifestyle Dominas and Professional Dominatrixes the world has ever known. While we recognize that each of us are special in our own unique way we all still share one main goal in common, and it is that goal that brings us all together despite our many differences. It is the mission of the "Sisters Of Sadism Network" to nurture that tiny thread of sisterhood and to create a network of Dominant Women that will stand strong and proudly across the globe. This movement is about leaving behind the hype and drama that often times surrounds the world of bdsm and expressing ourselves in a positive way that encourages our fellow Female Dominants. This is not a popularity contest to see who is the best for if we all excel to live our lives in a way that pleases us best then we all have already won the most important battle of all anyway. We are each confident in our roles as Dominant Women and wish to share our knowledge and varied experiences with others who share a common interest. Rather then attempt to belittle others we instead concentrate on enriching our own lives. We are Dominant Women that not only enjoy the control that we hold over others, but most importantly we are Confident Women that are in control of ourselves.