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21 September 2007 @ 09:04 am
Dominatrix Submits To City's Wishes...  
INDIANAPOLIS -- A dominatrix has agreed not to run her bondage and discipline business in Indianapolis' residential areas, a deal that would end a two-year legal battle with the city, WRTV-TV in Indianapolis reported. Melyssa Donaghy operated what the city called a "sexual torture" business in her home. The city asked a court to close the business in November 2005, saying it violated zoning regulations.

Kobi Wright, an attorney for the city, said an undercover police investigation that year "made it very clear that it was an illegal sex business operating in a residential neighborhood." Donaghy said that over the last two years, her business was nonsexual, educational and promoted "a non-promiscuous lifestyle and respect for women." According to her Web site, she practiced domination and submission arts.

The agreement between Donaghy and the city will be formalized this week in court.

PS: This story was submitted by "Pain Slave Dave "AKA" Humpy" and
was originally posted at TheDenverChannel.com on September 21st 2007.