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25 September 2007 @ 12:53 pm
New Release Interactive Domina Directory Coming Soon...  
New Release Interactive Domina Directory Coming Soon! - www.SistersOfSadism.net
I'd like to announce that I will soon be releasing a new Mistress gathering and promotion website. I am only in the infancy stage of creating the site and having it up and ready but I will be putting up a link of the first 25 women to show interest on the index at this stage. Now once the directory section is up I will put banners on each state page for the first five women that sign up within each state along with links to others that come after that based on a first come first serve order basis. The first so many Dominas to be added to the directory will also have their banner on the index page as well once I work all of the bugs out. Those who are invited to be founders after the site is created will of course receive additional coverage in return for all of the work they will be doing to help the network run smoothly. Though the number of founders will likely be small to avoid problems.
So at the moment the only thing I'd like to know is would you like a complimentary link on the index to reserve a higher spot of that section before the website officially launches and the spots fill up? Once I have more people involved the interactive sections will also be enhanced and released as well. If you'd like to pass this on to others that you think would be interested please feel free to do so. Any wishing to reserve their spots early before the launching are welcome to contact Me via email. Sisters_Of_Sadism@yahoo.com
All I ask in return is that you join the yahoo group and add a banner link to the website which leads directly to the front page which for the moment is only serving the upcoming yahoo group so it will get filled up a bit during this initial down stage. Please visit www.sistersofsadism.net/submit.html for more information